Michal Schorm
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  • Software development
  • Assembling of old HW
    (up to 15 years old)
  • IT, logic and cryptographic games
    ( TMOU Greatest team cryptographic competition
    in Czech Republic

    ,  InterLoS Online team competition containing programming,
    logic and cryptographic tasks

    ,  Google CodeJam Online programming competition by Google


  • Free-time organizator
    (summer camps,  experiential education Twice a year I make and lead non-stop weekend game "Starship: Sentinel"
    for players from 10 to 25 years old inspired by Star Trek

    Basicly it is a simulation of Starship, on which players take various posts
    from security staff to main engineer or bridge officers.


  • LARP
  • Board games (RPG, Strategy)
  • PC games (Logic, Strategy, RPG)


  • 4 semesters on Faculty of IT at
    Brno - University of Technology.

  • Created and maintaining  web IS Web information system for free-time organizators from youth centre DDM Třebíč.
    It has around 20 users who log in each day, with 60 in total.

    IS contains list of events, discussion with 2 themes, archive and many threads,
    calendar, restricted sections based on access rights of users.

    More than 100 events, day to three weeks long were planned there.
    Around 45 discussion threads are active with over 200 in total.


    , for  DDM Třebíč Youth centre

    , which was put into operation in 2013.

  • Software for event  CVVZ 2014 Annual event for educators and organizators across the Czech Republic.
    Each year it attend over 1000 people and it last for three days.


    that scanned QR codes on participants ID cards and announced to cooks wich meal he does ordered and  more It worked simultaneously in two separated buildings, checked if the participant were
    in the right cafeteria, made statistics etc.

    SW was made as a local web application (places without internet connection) with
    a freeware QR scanner app.

    About 4000 meals were given out thanks to this software.

  •  AI script Set of scripts conected together as a Chrome browser extension for playing online browser strategy game OGame.

    Scripts are capable to login, once game site is opened, analyzing economy, research and resources. From this info is generated construction plan, which is later optimized by AI algorithms.

    This AI is capable to get higher score than half of players on the average server.

    Picture is from actual game, where on right is Chrome JavaScript console.

    for web browser game.
    Written as Chrome extension.

  •  Web drawing app App allow to use some basic shapes of "brush" which can be combined, colors, rubber and "ON/OFF" drawing

    Artwrorks created in 60 minutes by friend of mine

     drawing app on this web 

    from 2013 created within 2 hours. Made for familiarization with the new HTML5 canvas element.

  •  Software for microcontroler High school project that turned out to be much more complicated due to limited chip memory and some other HW restrictions.

    Whole device were later added as standard equipment of mentioned lab.

    ATmega16A for control positioning device for magnetic field probe in  university lab Department of Microelectronic
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
    Brno - University of Technology


  • HTML,  CSS  Attached old stylesheet of this website

    ,  JavaScript  Attached part of AI scripts for playing web browser game
    More information in "Experiences" section


  •  PHP  Attached loging-in part of old project


  • SQL,  Oracle SQL  Attached university project, made in pairs

    Script to test knowledges about creating tables, views, triggers, work with privileges, etc.


  •  C  Attached university project

    Server-client application with our own communication protocol.

    ,  C++  Attached university project

    Developing game "Othello" for CLI with basic AI.

    Prepared for automatic documentation generator Doxygen


  •  BASH  Attached university project Wedi

    Utiity for creating statistic about opened files by this script and managing them.


  • AJAX

  •  Prolog  Attached small project from university lab

    ,  LISP  Attached small project from university lab


  •  Intel x86 Assembler  Attached small project from university lab


  • UML

  •  VHDL  Attached small project from university lab


    Michal Schorm

  • e-mail: mschorm@centrum.cz
  • tel.: +420 702 573 656